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"I voted in favour of this report. Firstly, I regret that it was delayed and could not be adopted last year so as to enter a trilogue sooner. The EU urgently needs to step up its preparedness to face cyber threats. Our infrastructure and critical information services are not fully protected. This report foresees a minimum level of national capabilities to be developed, which should include appointing competent authorities for Network and Information Security (NIS), ensuring fully functional Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), and developing with no further delay national NIS strategies and cooperation plans. It also prepares the ground for effective cooperation and coordination between Member States through an NIS network and to oblige market operators in specific sectors, such as energy, transport, financial markets, and food supply, to report certain NIS incidents and adopt appropriate measures to ensure NIS. I would have preferred to see public administrations covered by this directive; nevertheless they are invited to implement the measures on a voluntary basis. I hope the trilogue will proceed at a good pace and that an agreement will be reached this year to start the implementation phase as soon as possible. Our vulnerabilities need to be minimised, and for that we need decisive European effort."@et1

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