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"I voted in favour of this report. It is notable that this year’s report on Turkey is considerably more critical than last year’s. Turkey has regressed in the past year in terms of democracy and the rule of law. The events around Gezi Park were absolutely unacceptable. A serious investigation of the casualties and government responsibility has still not taken place. Huge corruption cases, some related to Prime Minister Erdogan, have come to light and have shaken the judicial system. We can commend the achievements on paper in adopting laws ensuring transparency, the independence of the judiciary and democracy, but the reality is just the opposite. It is very worrying that civil servants have been screened on the basis of their political, ethnic and religious affiliations. This has to stop immediately. Even though Turkey has served as reliable partner in the Syrian crisis, we cannot avoid seeing the corruption and undemocratic events taking place in the country. I call upon the EU to exert greater pressure on Turkey to force it immediately to turn back to the path of democracy and the rule of law, as well as guaranteeing freedom of speech, religion and gathering. Also, Turkey should prosecute those responsible for the violence in Gezi and remove from state offices those involved in corruption scandals."@et1

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