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"I voted in favour of this report. Europe can be proud of its enlargement process as the most successful European project. Nevertheless we must honestly admit that the Eastern Partnership project is on the verge of failing miserably if Europe continues to send ambiguous, non-binding messages, and does not firmly stand up to Russian threats against Ukraine that have taken on a serious military dimension. The EU currently appears to be a non-decisive, weak community that cannot protect its affiliates even in cases of military threat. It is unclear what will become of the Eastern Partnership in the light of Ukraine, but Europe clearly needs to re-decide its strategy and engage on a much higher level and more intensely with our Eastern neighbours, including Georgia and Moldova. We have to offer them not only perspectives for economic integration but also political guarantees that we will stand with them when Russia threatens and pressures them to give up further European integration. ‘Never Again’ is the greatest peace project in the world. Can the EU uphold its commitment and ensure peace also in our Eastern European neighbourhood?"@et1

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