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"Mr President, even by the standards of this place, today’s atmosphere has been leaden. A great global political leader, Mr Barroso, comes along and out of 750 Members, 44 people turn up to listen. Why is that? Well, I have noticed something: I have been here fifteen years, but in the last five years something really big has changed. The European dream is crumbling, absolutely crumbling. There are a few maniacs in the front row here and in your Commission who of course still want a United States of Europe, but actually out there in the Member States they do not. And most of the MEPs here, yes, they want a job, yes, they want to be re-elected, but the enthusiasm for this project is dying. Why? Well you have made two big mistakes. The first mistake was of course to extend the eurozone. It would have been OK had it just been Germany and a few northern European countries, but to bring the Mediterranean into the eurozone has been a disaster. The second mistake was to allow the free movement of people to southern and to Eastern Europe. We in the United Kingdom – who have been the most open country with regard to immigration of any European country through a history that has lasted hundreds of years – now have 4[nbsp ]000 migrants a week who come to Britain from the European Union and stay for a year or more. These are the two realities that have hit home to people: the EU does not work economically, and open-door migration is fundamentally changing societies in ways that people do not want. Listen to the economics. Mr Barroso, you talked today about the possibility of an industrial renaissance in Europe, which sounded good. Lighter-touch regulation – all very encouraging. And then you say: but we must pursue our climate-change carbon targets. The Americans have gone for shale gas and reduced energy prices. The Chinese are digging up coal in quantities we cannot fathom and building two coal-fired power stations every week. This policy of economic unilateralism on climate change is what is destroying jobs in Europe, and the electors are going to have a chance in 72 days’ time to give their verdict. I suspect the next European Parliament will be very much more exciting than this one has been this morning."@en1

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