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"Mr President, I welcome this continued focus on tackling organised crime and its links with terrorism. As a Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom which shares a border with the Republic of Ireland, I know all too well the relationship between criminals laundering money and fuel and financial backing for terrorist campaigns. It is an undeniable fact that in parts of South Armagh and other areas in the border counties of my constituency, criminals have used illegal smuggling operations to generate cash for the murderous activities of the Provisional IRA. Of course, money laundering has been a danger too. It is therefore right that we should ensure as much transparency as possible in relation to the identity of business owners and those who ultimately gain from transactions. However, this must be done in a manner that does not place disproportionate burdens on traders or consumers and should be secondary to support for robust criminal authorities, such as the National Crime Agency or the Organised Crime Unit of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Sadly, in Northern Ireland, to the shame of nationalists and republican politicians, they have yet to support the National Crime Agency operating there."@en1

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