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"Last week we were informed that the bodies of the 52 freedom fighters of Camp Liberty were buried secretly by the Iraqi Government to conceal its crimes against humanity. Since 2009 when Iraq took over from the USA the security of these Iranian refugees, 118 persons have been killed by Iraqi armed forces in various attacks, 7 have been taken hostage, 18 have died because of medical blockade and 1[nbsp ]375 have been wounded or maimed. The growth of the threat posed by Iranian influence in Iraq to the safety and lives of Camp Liberty detainees can be also measured in the destructiveness of the weapons used against them. Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki has to take responsibility for those crimes. One conclusion has to be drawn – the EU can’t just cooperate and sign trade deals with such a regime, that is not only waging a war against its own citizens but is also committing systematic repressions against Iranian dissidents. The EU and Ms Ashton should abstain from whitewashing Iraq of these crimes and not limit their worries to securing trade deals with Iraq."@et1

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