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"I voted in favour of this report. Firstly, it is regrettable that the Connecting Europe Facility for telecommunications had to suffer a budget cut, skimmed down from EUR[nbsp ]9.2 billion to EUR[nbsp ]1 billion. In my view, connecting Europe (energy, transport and telecoms) should be our number one priority if we are aiming at a fully integrated European Union and a fully integrated single market. I welcome the fact that, given the limited means, the Commission has decided to propose focusing on digital connections, namely on installing high-speed broadband across the EU. This will serve also as a flagship under the Digital Agenda for Europe. I also welcome the fact that the first priority for funding is being given to reusable DSIs (building blocks) such as electronic identification/authentication, secure electronic delivery of documents, automated translation for pan-European digital services, critical infrastructures supporting EU-wide cyber preparedness, and secure electronic invoicing. This will contribute to making the EU more competitive and connected, and especially digitally connected. It will also reduce bureaucratic burdens by replacing unnecessary paperwork with one-click services and enable means for cross-border digital business, European digital signatures, etc."@et1

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