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"Madam President, I very much share the committee’s desire to tackle the prevalence of violent crimes against women and girls in our society. As the report highlights, violence against women is taking ever more unacceptable forms. We have only to think of the impact of human trafficking – modern-day slavery – and the impact this has on the lives of millions of victims who are being sold into an unending ordeal of sexual exploitation and abuse. It is right and just that Member States put in place robust legislative frameworks to prosecute offenders, as well as providing support to their victims through the legal process. I also wholeheartedly support the premise of allowing victims of abuse to tell their stories in order to encourage a halt to these appalling injustices. I think specifically today of those in my own constituency who are currently telling their stories of historical institutional abuse. These are people whose lives have been traumatised by the brutality imposed on them, often by religious orders. European governments will fail if they do not deal with these issues of violence against men and women."@en1

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