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"Mr President, late last year, I brought up in this Chamber the case of a British ski instructor called Simon Butler. Mr Butler is trying to ply his trade in France at the moment, but he is being hounded by the French authorities, who claim that his qualifications do not meet their requirements, which is blatantly untrue and they know it. I finished my speech by asking for a meeting with Commissioner Barnier to clear up this matter, which he kindly agreed to. On 20 January, Mr Butler and I met the Commissioner, and Mr Butler now has a memorandum of understanding from Commissioner Barnier, which should mean that he can ply his trade without trouble, without problems and without being harangued and harassed by the French authorities. So you can understand why we were a bit shocked last week when Mr Butler was locked up in a cell for 36 hours for absolutely no reason. It just goes to show that it is a farce. We in Britain stick to the rules and we comply with the single market, but the French do not. It is a disgrace."@en1

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