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"The humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic is worsening. The whole population (of whom 50% are children) is affected, half of them acutely. Currently, more than 880 000 internally displaced people are seeking aid and refuge. According to the UN, the situation could become a humanitarian disaster, as USD 551 million is needed immediately to ensure that 1.9 million people receive vital relief and protection. The UN has listed the crisis in the Central African Republic as one of its highest priorities, next to Syria and to the Philippines following the typhoon. I call upon European states to make funds available immediately to bridge the gap. The European Council agreed in December last year to make relevant instruments available to stabilise the situation, notably allocating funds from the Instrument for Stability. The Union and Member States donated EUR 76 million last year and will continue to contribute this year. There is also an acute need for troops to protect humanitarian aid and relief workers and to combat the Séléka and Anti-balaka rebel groups who have already massacred more than 1000 people. France has deployed a 1600-strong force to combat the rebels. Estonia is currently finalising a plan to send 55 troopers. Other European states should follow suit and help to prevent another large-scale human catastrophe."@et1

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