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"I voted in favour this report that will give a mandate to the rapporteur for the trilogue in the coming months. I welcome that the Commission came up with a proposal to clarify air passenger rights. Currently, we still face irregularities and ambiguities – e.g. rights to accommodation, communication etc. are often not upheld properly, compensation claims procedures are complicated and rules can be interpreted differently. Most problems arise when defining unpredicted irregularities (such as weather conditions, strikes not announced beforehand, etc.) where passengers often face dubious reasons and interpretations by the airlines and do not know if they can or cannot file for compensation. The EP report goes even further that the Commission proposal and wants to eliminate ambiguities and irregularities as described above. Among other issues it defines, for instance, a higher compensation ceiling for delayed flights and extends accommodation rights to 5 nights and EUR 125 maximum per night. It also aims to put an end to the no-show policy under which, if the passenger does not show up for the first flight, all connected flights and return flights are automatically cancelled. I hope the trilogue reaches a good compromise by the spring and the new rules can be implemented without delay."@et1

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