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"Mr President, as a Member of Parliament representing Northern Ireland, which lies at the very periphery of Europe, I am all too aware of the obstacles that the residents in my own country face as a result of long delays and cancellations. Therefore I welcome this debate on how best to protect them. To generate economic growth we must encourage business, entrepreneurship and increased tourism. An important part of doing this is by ensuring that our workforce feels confident – and, indeed, that foreign visitors feel confident – to travel by air. This report would give better protection by ensuring that passengers subject to long delays receive the same rights to compensation as those suffering cancellations. It would also extend the right to accommodation in these cases and emphasise support for disabled passengers. Passengers also stand to be better supported in situations where carriers go out of business. This is positive. We must, however, recognise the opportunities that our air industry and new air routes bring for jobs and growth in regional economies. It is vital that, while passengers are protected, airlines are not placed under enormous financial pressures with legislation. Finding this balance is vital to sustaining investment and moving forward."@en1

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