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"I voted in favour of this report. E-commerce is the backbone of future commerce and we need to ensure that regulations and rules make it easy to do business. Currently we are facing several problems, one of which is related to delivery services. Customers hesitate to use e-commerce, as they do not trust delivery options, cannot find clear information and often face the problem that their address is not eligible for delivery. Successful e-commerce sets as a precondition a fully functioning digital single market. This means that doing e-business does not depend on the physical location in Europe, and neither does it discriminate based on delivery address or location. This is important not only for individual consumers but also for SME-s, for whom deliveries can today mean substantial costs, especially if made cross-border. Also, to build trust between commerce and consumers, a fully interoperable online track and trace system needs to be implemented, so that when sending a parcel from a small village in Cyprus to the northern-most point in Finland, it can be tracked without disruption the whole way. Lastly, discriminatory payment methods need to be abolished. All EU citizens should have the opportunity to use their credit cards when purchasing online in EU."@et1

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