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"I voted in favour of this report. Small agricultural holdings are under growing pressure from urbanising society, new technologies and new production methods. At the same time, they constitute the core of European agriculture and also bear our cultural heritage and maintain family traditions in farming. Small agricultural holdings not only produce agriculture products but also maintain the land and nature to ensure environmental sustainability and offer jobs in the countryside. Europe needs to support its farmers, especially small agriculture holdings that often face unnecessarily complicated procedures in finding financing and developing new business ideas. Access to project funding and general business financing means should be easy and unbureaucratic. The information given should not require extra education in project application but should enable farmers to obtain means for good farming practices. European regulation constitutes an indication of the rules and should be taken seriously, but it cannot lead to rigid ‘one measure for all’ implementation at local level. Especially in agriculture, this causes problems for farmers, who need a certain flexibility (stemming from changing weather conditions, cattle population, etc.) in their actions."@et1

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