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"I voted in favour of the resolution. EU citizenship is unique and precious: one of the great achievements of the European project. The rights gained through EU citizenship are based on human dignity and cannot, as a matter of principle, be bought or sold. While Member States are sovereign in matters of citizenship and residency, they must not forget that granting citizenship or widened residency also grants access to the whole Schengen area and ensures equal rights across the EU. Truly responsible behaviour and consideration are needed. It is regrettable that Malta’s new Socialist Government pushed through a law to sell its citizenship based on a minimum requirement of EUR 650 000. Citizenship should be granted on the basis of merit, not the thickness of a wallet. Such an approach will only attract individuals with questionable motives and shady business practices. I call on the Maltese Government and on other European states with similar practices to reconsider. European cooperation is built on trust and reciprocity: such national actions are bound to seriously damage both, not to mention drastically undermining the reputation of the selling country."@et1

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