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"Freedom is the underlying principle of the EU represented by the main four freedoms – the free movement of people, goods, capital and services! We debate continuously on the need to accomplish the single market, which is fundamentally based on these four freedoms. So how can we even dream of a single market if the free movement of people is limited? Abuse of social services is a general problem and common to all EU countries and cannot be attributed to one particular group anywhere. And it has a simple solution – adopting good laws that minimise any abuse, and then implementing them. True, all EU Member States are free to set their obligations and benefits, and create a balance between those, but they cannot discriminate between EU citizens based on their nationality. Reforming the social systems to fit the reality and aid efficiently those in need whilst enabling others fully enjoy a free European labour market and by that reducing the poverty lines across Member States is what Europe needs today. Defamation of certain EU citizens and making them responsible for all misery, is irresponsible and in its essence anti-European. All EU citizens are equal and should be treated as such without concession."@et1

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