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"I voted in favour of the proposal by the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety on the Honey Directive, which endorses the position of the European Court of Justice by legally classifying pollen from GMOs as an ingredient of honey, rather than a natural constituent. According to the EU legislation, GMOs are not natural, and thus not natural constituents of any food. GMOs should therefore be seen as an ingredient of a food product, and this would automatically mean risk assessment, specific authorisation and labelling. I believe firmly that we need to support the beekeeping sector and the scope for it to produce GMO-free honey. Also, we need to ensure that consumers have freedom of choice between honey containing GM ingredients and GMO-free honey. With the promotion of local and organic food products gathering momentum in Europe and consumption of such products, as well as consumer awareness, increasing, the EU has to give consumers the option of local and GMO-free honey."@et1

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