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"Madam President, at this time of economic uncertainty, I welcome these proposals. They would make public procurement less costly, faster and more advantageous for businesses across Europe. In my constituency of Northern Ireland, 99 % of enterprises are small or medium-sized, and this package would allow many of these to compete better within public procurement. Buyers would be encouraged to break contracts into lots in order to ensure that not just large contractors benefit. In addition, a turnover cap for bidders would facilitate greater participation by SMEs. These are proposals that my colleagues in the departments of finance and enterprise have rightly emphasised in negotiations, and they stand to increase competitiveness within the overall process in Northern Ireland. The package would also simplify the assessment process, reducing bidder response times, encouraging e-procurement and allowing social considerations to be integrated into contracts. These factors would undoubtedly help harness the transformative potential of public procurement. Bidders could also be excluded on grounds of poor past performance. Ultimately, the focus on cutting red tape and making the system more efficient and credible is important, and for this reason I would urge Parliament to endorse the package."@en1

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