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"Mr President, I am delighted to report to this House that Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom renowned for good-quality, highly traceable food. In order to copper-fasten that reputation, I welcome this report. I share the report’s concerns about the need to strengthen the supply chain in order to win back confidence lost as a result of unscrupulous actions by those seeking to make additional profit at any cost. There should be a focus on enforcement of the current rules across all Member States. All the actors in the supply chain, including retailers, have a responsibility to ensure that the end product is what it says it is, and to take a realistic approach to the cost of food production. Making supply chains shorter and promoting the purchase of local produce are extremely welcome but should not be used as means of restricting choice or discriminating against products from other Member States. In Northern Ireland we have witnessed the impact of the campaign run by the National Dairy Council in the Republic of Ireland, which has effectively been trying to exclude milk from Northern Ireland from being sold in shops there. This type of action is completely unacceptable."@en1

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