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"I voted in favour of this report. It is absolutely crucial that Parliament and the EU remain vigilant in monitoring the human rights situation in the world. Human rights violations have become severer and more frequent. Human rights activists and defenders face repression and persecution, but ordinary people too are facing increasing difficulties, especially when they belong to religious minorities (such as Christians) in the Middle-East and Africa. The ongoing conflicts both at global level and on Europe╩╝s doorstep, and the current clashes in Ukraine call for the EU to take up its responsibility as a human rights watchdog! I urge the Council to come forward with Council conclusions that would establish a common threshold in terms of human rights concerns. We need political commitment at the highest level. The EU needs to ensure that human rights are mainstreamed throughout EU foreign policy, from trade agreements to association agreements and are also at the centre of country strategies. We are in the final stage of adopting the budgets for the external financial instruments which will give new impetus to CFSP, but which are also a tangible means of getting our partners and third countries to commit to fulfilling their responsibilities on human rights."@et1

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