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"Madam President, the imperatives of todayʼs world, the massive change in the power hierarchy, accelerated by the current crisis, compel the EU to pay more attention not just to its internal problems but also to the efficiency of its external action as well. The major step of bringing all the instruments together had inevitably to be followed by steps to ensure coherence in using them. In turn, such coherence means primarily efficacy translated through flexibility in both action and financing, as well as rapidity of response coupled with reaching the right target. Equally we have to align everything with our resources, which are increasingly restrained due to the financial pressure generated by the current crisis. That in turn requires a high degree of transparency and control through Parliament of and over the use of money through those instruments. A point worth mentioning is the continuous insistence on guiding the Unionʼs international action by the principles of democracy, the rule of law and human rights. It should be stressed that the EU is doing so fully aware that it is no longer the only source of money but that respect for these principles outdoes the easy influence obtained through its absence."@ro2

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