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"Mr President, I am glad that this House has adopted the alternative resolution and rejected the Estrela report. In its original state this report was disrespectful to this House and the fundamental principle of subsidiarity, but that disrespect was minor compared to the lack of respect, care and humanity showed towards the unborn child. I make no apology for rejecting any suggestion that abortion is a human right. The overarching human right in this debate for me is the right to life of the unborn child: that must be protected. Furthermore I deplore the attempts to remove the right to conscientious objection for those in our health service. To demand of any individual an act that is so fundamentally against what they believe – often belief shaped by faith – is a violation of the right to religious freedom and indeed would result in such practitioners being excluded from aspects of the medical profession. Ultimately these are matters that should be left for Member States to decide upon. I know the vast majority of people in my constituency of Northern Ireland want their local politicians to lead in this matter – and certainly not Ms Estrela."@en1

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