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"I voted in favour this report. I am glad that the negotiations with the Council have been successful, so that we could also adopt the COSME during this plenary. The new mentality of allowing flexibility in financial instruments of the EU also applies to COSME, which makes loan guarantees and an equity facility available for SMEs. Although the innovation and start-ups will be mainly financed through Horizon 2020, we need to ensure the complementarity of different programmes. The overall goal should be building an innovative Europe based on strong SMEs. Only 2.5% nevertheless is foreseen to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education – here we clearly need to ensure complementarity with programmes under Erasmus+. We need more young entrepreneurs, and we need even more the young people with an entrepreneurial mind-set. This should be one of Europe’s main priorities. The 11% foreseen to reduce the administrative and regulatory burden should be used wisely and lead to real results. SME sustainability cannot be guaranteed when, instead of doing business, most time is spent on complying with administrative and bureaucratic regulation. The EPP Group has made this one of its priorities and was able to ensure its inclusion also in COSME."@et1

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