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"Madam President, money by itself does not produce intellectual inspiration. That is to be found in what a Commission 2020 document described as a ‘talented and creative populationʼ. That is Europeans, if you were wondering. Indeed, a disproportionately large number of inventions and innovations come from Europe in general, and from a country that modesty prevents me from mentioning in particular. Perhaps ensuring the survival of those talented populations from the replacement from which they are now suffering would be the best way of encouraging and nurturing inventiveness. There are some other populations in the world that have been most cruelly deprived of their fair share of those gifts. Does the public sector, preferably at Member State level, have a role to play? Historically, neither inventions nor innovations receive public funds. However, subsidies are contagious and countries and trading blocs that need to compete must match the subsidies of their rivals. Will research and development ensure that we can compete? Not if the wage levels of competitors are a fraction of our own, or if the elite talent of our competitors is to copy our innovations in breach of patent rights."@en1

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