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"Madam President, while we have not got all we wanted, EUR 70 billion is quite a substantial sum. We can do a lot with it, particularly because of the way the programme has been developed. Certainly Europe needs to re-find its innovative mojo, because in the past we did some very good innovative things. For instance, the GSM standard for mobile phones was developed by a previous EU-funded project. We now need to develop future standards so that the EU can lead the way globally. We could lead the way by setting technical standards for privacy in the online world. Last week I hosted a breakfast in Parliament with the Key Foundation, and certainly that is something that would feed into Horizon 2020. There are also many institutes and universities, including in my own constituency, doing valuable work which can feed into the Horizon 2020 concept. For instance, at the Waterford Institute of Technology there is iTraffic: developing real-time information for consumers and businesses, to be fed into their smartphones to help them plan their journeys, etc. There is an awful lot going on in Europe about which we have been somewhat negative. Horizon 2020 can pull it all together, especially with the idea of a fast-track to innovation, encouraging SMEs and having new applicants. I would like to conclude by thanking everyone, and particularly Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn from Ireland, whom we are very proud of for spearheading all this over recent years."@en1

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