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"Mr President, Elbit Systems is an Israeli armaments company that produces the drones that kill Palestinians. Israel Aerospace Industries is another Israeli armaments company which helped to develop Israel’s apartheid wall. Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories has a factory located in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank. Ariel University is also based in an illegal settlement. What do all of these institutions have in common, apart from being active participants in the act of oppression and occupation against the Palestinians? They all received tens of millions of euros of European taxpayers’ money under the previous research framework programme. That money makes the EU complicit in Israeli war crimes and it makes a joke of the supposed honest broker status of the EU. The guidelines to ensure that no more money goes to institutions involved in the occupation are welcome, but we have seen very strong pressure from John Kerry and others to water them down, to delay them and to have ‘sensitive’ implementation, which in reality would mean no implementation. I would like the Commissioner to answer very clearly today whether the Commission agrees that the guidelines must be strictly implemented in their entirety to ensure that none of this research money goes to support the occupation."@en1

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