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"Madam President, Horizon 2020 talks in bold optimistic language about excellent science, industrial leadership and societal challenges like climate change – although in fact we have not seen very much climate change for the last 20 years. Yet the action we are taking on climate is both doomed and disastrous. It is doomed because, while we agonise over emissions, there are 12 000 new coal-fired plants in the global pipeline, including a couple of dozen in Germany. It is time to face the truth: that global emissions will keep rising for decades and there is nothing that we can do about it. It is also disastrous, because we are forcing up energy prices to create what Commissioner Tajani has called an industrial massacre. We are forcing households and pensioners into fuel poverty: this winter, European citizens will die as a result of our climate policies. We are undermining industrial competitiveness, abandoning industrial leadership, driving businesses out of the EU entirely so that they take their jobs and their investment with them, and choosing poverty for our children and our grandchildren. It is not just energy prices, it is energy security too. Our over-reliance on ineffective and intermittent renewables is now threatening our security of supply. Just wait until the lights go out. Then you will find you have got a real societal challenge."@en1

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