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"Madam President, firstly I think that on the whole this is a good deal. Investing in research and innovation and bringing research and innovation together is something we need to focus on more in Europe. We should all congratulate each other – the Commission, the Members of this Parliament and the Council – on reaching this agreement. Energy is, of course, a very important part of our future. With no solving of climate change and our dependency on oil, I think we will be in a bad way. I have two questions for the Commissioner. Firstly, do you think that we got the balance right overall? I will give you one figure: we still spend more than EUR 10 billion (not in this programme but over recent years) on hoping to deliver – perhaps in 2080 – one electron or several from fusion in nuclear reactors. More than EUR 10 billion. Is that one of the biggest priorities for European competitiveness, or is the fact that we are losing out against Chinese companies on PV supply and production a priority? We are now working with research institutes in Europe and with companies to get the next mega-factory for PV production in Europe, and we need your help. I hope that we will find EUR 500 million to help European suppliers – who are still there somewhere on the market – win against the Chinese in such an important area as solar technology. I have a second, much shorter, question. Why have you, for some months now, stubbornly been attacking the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme? My latest information is that you will take most of the renewables out of the Programme. Changing energy – energy transition – is not only about technology, it is also about societal innovation. We have thousands of stakeholders all over Europe who know the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, so please explain to me why you are so against keeping to running it under that name. It is one of those decisions where people outside the EU would ask whether we were completely out of order, because, after 10 or 15 years, the stakeholders know the programme. Now, for reasons which I cannot follow, you want to drop at least the renewable part of it. I really do not understand it, and I do not know whether my colleagues understand it either. One last word – the real hero on energy in Horizon 2020 is Mrs Carvalho, and I would like to thank her for all the support."@fr2

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