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"Mr President, in our Member States we need ideas, ideas that will become innovations, innovations that will become products and products that will ultimately drive our competitiveness. I have long argued that research funding should form a larger part of an overall reduced EU budget, providing support for our universities and innovative enterprises so that they can work together to make the most of each other’s resources. It is one area where the EU can really add value. As rapporteur for the opinion of the Committee on Culture and Education on Horizon 2020, I am glad to say that my colleagues had, by and large, similar views to mine. Of particular importance to our Committee was that Horizon 2020 complements other European programmes such as the Erasmus Programme. It is also pleasing to see specific mention of cultural heritage and the inclusion of research into sport and health. Results in this area can really make a difference to people’s lives. Most importantly, the application process should be streamlined and made less bureaucratic. I hope that we can achieve this with Horizon 2020."@en1

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