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"Madam President, I am not quite sure how to follow that particular speech. However, while the importance of the CAP to the farming community goes without saying, the CAP is also important to Europeʼs food security. This is an area where I do believe that this policy should have – and could have – gone much further in building a sustainable, competitive and productive sector. The principle of moving towards a land-based payment risks money going to less productive areas and therefore risks the growth of the agri and agri-food sector which is very important to the economy in my constituency. The policy is also burdensome to our farmers and we need to see real clarity in the delegated and implementing acts in order to make a difference for our farmers. With less money for rural development, we need to ensure that this is directed towards agriculture and the environment. Finally, the wider context to this debate is the role of the large supermarkets and the issue of a fair distribution of profit within the supply chain. Until this issue is sorted out, we will always be lagging behind in the agriculture sector."@en1

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