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"Mr President, I welcome this report and offer my thanks to the rapporteurs for bringing it forward. Indeed, Mr President, we should recognise your work in this particular campaign. This is a long-overdue debate, and at last the voice of over one-and-a-quarter million citizens is actually being heard in this Chamber. This is a wasteful practice at a time when these institutions are demanding budgetary constraint in the Member States. With ordinary families feeling the grip of tax increases, this travelling circus – for that is indeed what it is – will cost taxpayers over EUR 1 billion in the coming financial period. The report has been described as a key to unlock the process of a move towards a single seat. That is positive. However, we also need to have that support voiced in the Council of Ministers – and I am thinking even of my own prime minister, who has talked about reform of these institutions. Perhaps this is a place where that reform could start straightaway. Others tonight have also spoken of the historic nature of Strasbourg as a symbol of reconciliation. There comes a time when countries and communities within those countries have to move forward, and we can no longer rely on that as the excuse for continuing to waste taxpayers’ money in these very difficult times. I come from Northern Ireland, a region where history is incredibly important. We are managing to move forward, and I believe Europe should move forward in its process of reconciliation – and that would mean doing away with this seat."@en1

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