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"Madam President, as a Member representing Northern Ireland, a region of the United Kingdom that is situated on an island in a cross-border context, I recognise the importance of developing cohesive transport links to drive the economy and reduce costs for consumers. I welcome the focus on building a comprehensive network that includes outermost regions and less populated areas. I find it encouraging that within the guidelines the Committee allows exemption from mandatory infrastructure requirements for smaller regions with smaller networks. This is vital for my constituency where the rail system has isolated network status. It is also hugely important to recognise and protect regional airports, which are central for connectivity. Through projects of common interest, investment holds the potential to increase regional mobility, improve air links and support the movement of goods and services. These opportunities stand to attract inward investment, increase tourism and reduce travel costs for businesses and consumers across Northern Ireland. Moving forward, however, it is essential that this funding be applied on the basis of need, and only with the support and cooperation of local and regional stakeholders."@en1

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