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"I voted in favour of this report. ‘Erasmus for all’ will provide continuity and improve the programmes targeted at young people in Europe and beyond. I welcome the agreement reached on keeping all the programmes under separate headings. This was one of the main priorities for Parliament. Erasmus may be the most popular and the biggest programme of all the programmes under this heading, but we have to be very clear that as a subprogram it is strictly targeting young people in higher education, whereas Comenius is aimed at school pupils and Erasmus mundus is for exchanges throughout the world. ‘Youth in Action’, on the other hand, reaches out to far more young people and is especially important, as it also reaches young people outside formal education. In addition, through the variation of offers it provides an opportunity for young people to develop into active citizens, to learn from peers, to experience and exercise democracy and gain skills through non-formal and informal education. Our next step needs to be to ensure that all skills acquired, regardless of whether in formal or non/in-formal education, are recognised throughout Europe. I also welcome the new student loan guarantee facility that will provide greater mobility and new opportunities for masters students."@et1

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