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"Madam President, at a time of great uncertainty for young people across Europe with regard to finding employment and gaining a true stake in society, I broadly welcome these proposals for an Erasmus for All programme. In my constituency, Northern Ireland, almost one in five young people aged between 16 and 24 are unemployed. It is in this context that I share the committee’s emphasis on bettering personal development and on promoting the active involvement of young people in society. It is right that the focus of Erasmus for All should reflect the differing strands of education. While we continue to support those in higher education, it is also vital to facilitate exchange opportunities for students on part-time courses and those in vocational education. I would also like to note here the potential underlying benefit of the proposed Creative Europe Programme. In Northern Ireland, the creative and cultural industries are growth sectors in the economy, with some leading television and film franchises, including basing production in our province. This additional funding can maximise the social and employment benefits of harnessing such creativity."@en1
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