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"I voted in favour of the new multiannual financial framework of the EU for the period 2014-2020. Parliament has achieved its main aims regarding the MFF, namely to cover the budget claims of 2013 (to the tune of an extra EUR 3.9 billion) and the interinstitutional agreement which lays down the necessary legal bases, especially with regard to cohesion, regional and agricultural funds in full respect of the European Parliament’s legislative powers. I am very glad that my group, the EPP group, has managed to ensure that the MFF will have full flexibility in terms of transferring unused funds from one year to another and great flexibility between the categories. Special flexibility has been guaranteed to the funds aimed at tackling youth unemployment, in real terms over EUR 2 billion in 2014-2015. This is transferring words into deeds. Also, thanks to the EPP, the unity of the budget and maximum transparency are guaranteed, meaning that all EU expenditure and revenue must be budgeted in order to guarantee democratic accountability. In addition, a midterm review/revision is foreseen – to be undertaken latest by 2016 – based on the economic situation at that moment, which will make it possible for the EP to reassess the budgetary priorities."@et1

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