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"The EP has achieved substantial success in providing flexibility in using its financial means and in creating more inter-sectorial synergies. Also, the EP has managed to align the freight corridors with the new multimodal TEN-T core network corridors. These changes support innovative, flexible and future-oriented thinking. Regarding TEN-T, the EP has reached essential agreements. Binding deadlines, Member States’ and the Commission’ strengthened obligation to report, and throughout all financial instruments, stronger involvement of regional and local authorities in the planning and implementation phase. All these measures will lead towards better connected transport-Europe, enabling at the same time to connect different European decision making levels. I congratulate Lithuanian Presidency on final agreements of these complicated dossiers. Now, we need concrete projects to fill the political ambitions. I urge the Lithuanian presidency to use its remaining time, to make Rail Baltic project one of its key connecting Europe priorities. There is a strategic need to end the isolation of the Baltic region from the rest of Europe. Short-term gains vis-à-vis our Eastern neighbours may fill our pockets today, but tomorrow we need a much more integrated Europe, we need Rail Baltic."@et1

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