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"European Eastern Neighbourhood is EU’s strategic interest as well as commitment. While Russia exercises heavy political and economic pressure on the EaNP states it is EU´s special opportunity and responsibility to stay committed in supporting the EaNP countries on their way towards rule of law. It is also in EU’s strategic interests to sign the association agreement with Ukraine, as majority of Ukrainians have decided to support European integration! The issue of politically motivated trials remains; however, the humanitarian solution concerning Yulia Tymoshenko seems to offer possible political solution. EU needs to engage itself actively in mediating a solution in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which will relieve Armenia and Azerbaidzhan from external dependency. Lastly, I am alarmed about EU’s continuing inactivity versus Georgia. Russia is pursuing borderisation of S-Ossetia, increasing the Russian military presence there, while EU observers are still being denied access to the break-away provinces. Just now the possibility to monitor what is happening there is crucial. The Russian failure during the last five years to honour its commitments can only be answered by a decisive EU reaction, making further progress of mutual relations conditional to Moscow’s credible change of its policies."@et1

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