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"Mr President, in my own constituency of Northern Ireland, tomorrow will mark twenty years since IRA terrorists murdered nine innocent people in a bomb attack on the Shankill Road in Belfast. The terrorist was also blown up by his own bomb. We as a people have seen all too often the result of the relationship between organised crime and terrorism. Recent efforts to combat serious crime in Northern Ireland and particularly fuel laundering have been hampered by the willingness of Nationalist and Republican politicians to block the national crime agency from operating in our region of the United Kingdom. This approach has been motivated by self-interest and must change fast. The Committee’s report contains several positive elements. It highlights the need to stem the rise in human trafficking, tackle new offences relating to cybercrime and ban legal highs. I welcome the proposal for a charter for the protection and assistance of victims of trafficking. I am, however, disheartened by the Committee’s fascination with harmonising banking systems and national criminal law provision under its planned action plan, and its recommendation on an EU public prosecutor. Member States must retain full sovereignty in these areas."@en1

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