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"Mr President, what did our committee actually uncover in these eighteen months? We found that millions of legitimate jobs for our citizens have been lost, that billions in taxes are not being paid and are lost – how much our governments would appreciate those! – that the losses are growing at maybe 15 % year after year, and that organised crime kills many more people than terrorists do. This is hugely serious. So what is being done? The answer is: very, very little – far too little. Why? Because the Member States are afraid of action and of sharing sovereignty in order to act together. We discovered, for example, that very few of the containers that enter Europe by land, sea or air are ever opened or examined – perhaps a maximum of 5 %. So in the containers, which are never even touched, come slaves, counterfeit goods, drugs, etc. – all damaging our society. There are different laws and practices in the different Member State, because they will not work together. In the absence of an FBI, which I firmly believe we will have to create – and the sooner the better – I looked at the figures for my own Member State to see precisely how much international cooperation there is. In the current year, Mr President, my Member State has been involved in precisely 12 joint investigation teams. There is a torrent of crime across Europe, and all London can do is organise 12 teams on different occasions this year. It is shockingly bad. Mr President, a final word. In the American Constitution there is a famous phrase in which the President has to take action when he sees a clear and present danger. In Europe we face major danger, but it is unclear and it is escalating fast. What our citizens demand from the Commission, from the next Parliament and from the Member States, is that action is taken and that it is taken now."@en1

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