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"I voted in favour of this report. This report concentrates justly on misleading advertisement practices targeted mainly at businesses, but especially on SMEs. Both SMEs and public authorities suffer most from such practices and often bear considerable costs in relation to their income. Reporting such incidents may be personally embarrassing, but for businesses it can also be a tricky issue not to lose credibility. We need stronger rules in this regard. Only Austria and Belgium have adopted legal measures to officially combat misleading advertisement and economic practices. It is important that other Member States follow suit, as often misconduct crosses national borders, and we need all of Europe to be strong in this fight. Blacklisting businesses that have repeatedly misbehaved, and sharing this information with wider public nationally and also with other Member States, would have a good preventive effect on future attempts. Creating national focal points where misconduct can be reported would be an easy way for victims to seek for assistance and allow law enforcement authorities to tackle the issue more efficiently."@et1

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