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"I voted in favour of this report. Although Europe could be considered a safe haven in terms of healthcare, a lot still needs to be done to improve patients’ safety. In total, 30-40 % of adverse events are preventable. Approximately 20 % of healthcare-associated infections could be prevented; lives saved and costs of about EUR 3.7 million could be used elsewhere. To improve the situation, first and foremost, we have to ensure adequate technical, financial and human resources to minimise the current biggest risk-causing adverse events. Sufficient budgetary allocation and trained staff both in hospitals, in home care and any healthcare professionals and volunteers are key to reducing considerably the risks for patient safety. The core element is prevention, which starts in training healthcare professionals, specifically in patient safety, which is not necessarily the case now. Training professionals, but also patients and their carers, in personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene, is also essential. Preferring safer alternatives to prescribing antibiotics and teaching patients appropriate handling must be reinforced. Lastly, we need more data and we need to share more of this data. Feedback both from patients and health professionals on better patient safety and empowering patients is crucial to improve the systems."@et1

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