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"Innocent until proven guilty. I do not agree with the witch-hunt certain groups in the EU are launching towards our US counterparts based on information they find in the news. The democratic world can be only grateful to investigative journalism for exposing malpractices; nevertheless, in order to take serious political decisions with consequences, we need hard proof. In the case of the NSA taking advantage of our SWIFT information exchange system, having allegedly stolen data and tapped personal financial data, we do not have any hard proof yet. I share the concerns of Commissioner Malmström that we need credible explanation from the US side, but until then, we cannot call off a very important information exchange system, which took a long time to come into force, to protect European citizens from data abuse. I call for common sense and not taking decisions based on emotions. If the allegations prove to be true, then I am sure the EU will take the necessary consequences and we in the European Parliament will support that."@et1

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