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"The situation in our direct neighbourhood is becoming dramatic on the eve of the Vilnius Summit. Russia has always been sensitive about the possibility that a true European road will be chosen by the former Soviet provinces. Now, a new dimension of open hostility and crude economic pressure has been reached. Russia is openly using imperialist language in the region neighbouring the EU. The same rhetoric is being applied also towards the Baltic States, which should seriously worry the EU. The success of the Vilnius Summit and the signing of several association treaties will be crucial both for EU credibility and for its future role in the region. We need to unite more than ever, ensuring EU commitment and willingness to pursue the road of further integration. The Eurasian Customs Union does not comply in any way with EU integration and is meant as a countermove in order to retain Russia’s Soviet era dominance over its neighbours. The EU’s political commitment and presence is more important than ever, and we owe it to the people of those countries. The EU has to resolutely condemn and oppose all Russian post-imperialist moves that bully its neighbours and try to block their free choice of a society governed by the rule of law."@et1

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