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"I voted in favour of this report as it puts forward several good concrete proposals on how to tackle youth unemployment. The core issue to change the labour market into a more youth-friendly one is close cooperation between those concerned, such as state authorities, the private sector, youth services and youth organisations. Youth unemployment has been around 17-20 % for at least the last decade and has now increased to 23 %. It has been shamefully high over longer time and only the dramatic numbers in Spain and Greece have drawn greater European attention to this. We need genuine and profound solutions, and to drastically modernise our labour markets and education systems. A special focus is needed on vocational training and apprenticeships. The private sector has to enhance its corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics by providing young people with fair opportunities, and not positions such as senior interns. Young people should not be made into martyrs; their abilities and skills need to be put to use and further developed. Clear information and easy access to incentives for entrepreneurships and self-employment are crucial. They need to be given fishing rods to learn to fish and become independent, not fish to learn how to depend."@et1

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