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"I voted in favour of this report. This report once again highlights the main bottlenecks that need to be tackled if EU wishes to reach its target on completing Internal Energy Market by 2014. Most important is to increase cross-border energy cooperation and ensure solidarity between Member States. Energy islands still exist and need to be connected to rest of European energy systems without further delay. This is not only a question of energy security but also an economic one, considering that a competitive and open energy market is one of the main pillars, which hardly can be accomplished if energy islands persist. Competitiveness and openness are the core values of the European economy, including energy. Ensuring transparency and easy access for new actors will generate affordable prices for the consumers and enable free choice of energy providers according to needs. I underline what is said in the report that local cooperatives could facilitate greater participation of consumers, through smart appliances, decentralised storage and collective switching initiatives that would increase awareness among consumers about their energy behaviour both as consumers and as micro-producers. We need to achieve the mentality change towards energy on a personal level that would then lead towards general conscious energy behaviour."@et1

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