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"While completion of the single market is one of the main goals the EU still has to accomplish, completing the digital single market seems to advance at a faster pace. Again here we could talk about political will: in this case it comes from the Commission which has laid down detailed plans and measures on how to bring about the digital agenda. The world is changing at a rapid pace and is going digital, making borders, physical location and presence virtually null and void. This new reality offers unlimited opportunities for doing business, creating employment, learning, participating. The EU’s main task is to ensure the same technological progress in every Member State so the systems needed for a vibrant, innovative and secure cyberspace can be set up. Broadband Internet connection for everyone is a key issue here. Secondly, obstacles in e-commerce need to be eliminated. Cross-border e-business in the EU should be easier than the physical version. We need to set up a European digital signature, e-identifications, harmonise online consumer rights and make rapid progress on citizens’ digital skills, awareness and cyber hygiene. Member States such as Estonia have shown us how to be an e-tiger, now we need to turn this into a European e-tiger to ensure our e-sustainability and acquire our e-potential."@et1

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