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"Mr President, there has been a lot of speculation, especially on the right of the House, about what I want. I will tell you what I want: it is a strong pluralist Parliament where nationalists and federalists are clearly represented in a democratic way. There has also been some speculation that the financial and economic crisis will further depress the turnout. I must say I do not agree with that. Certainly, if I were from a country that was under a Troika programme I would be queuing at the ballot box early in the morning to cast my vote. I suspect that what the political parties will have to do is to articulate a way forward from this profound and protracted economic crisis. I understand, as several of you have said, that it is not straightforward for the political parties to find, select and sustain candidates for the Commission presidency. I understand that. This is an experiment and all the political parties will approach the challenge in different ways – the Greens are having primaries, and good luck to them! However, I am certain that the experiment is going to have a transformational effect on the quality of the campaign – to personalise it and to dramatise it – and that it is going to result in a stronger and more democratic, transparent, legitimate political system at the emerging federal level."@en1

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