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"Mr President, while I welcome the committee’s ongoing work towards fighting fraud across and within Europe’s borders, it is unfortunate that this report continues to promote the harmonisation of national criminal law systems across the EU. Member States should have complete sovereignty over how they decide to detect, pursue and prosecute instances of fraud and should not be forced to comply with standard EU requirements for evaluating individual cases and reporting information to the Commission. Of course, this does not negate the responsibility of national governments actively to fight fraud. In that regard, I strongly welcome this report’s emphasis on tackling crime in agriculture and in relation to the common agricultural policy and cohesion policies – areas that remain so relevant to life in my constituency of Northern Ireland. I also support the committee’s focus on promoting the role of ICT and e-transactions in detecting fraud. Finally, I welcome the report’s calls for law enforcement authorities to prioritise fighting fraud. Such a direction is vital and I would call upon Nationalist politicians in Northern Ireland to allow the National Crime Agency to operate in our region of the United Kingdom."@en1

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