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"I abstained on the Report on the situation of fundamental rights in Hungary. While I believe that Parliament could not ignore or deny the concerns over the Hungarian constitutional reform expressed by several independent international organisations, such as the Commission, the Venice Committee and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, at the same time I could not support the report in its present form because it goes beyond its mandate and is very intrusive in relation to the subsidiarity of Member States. Member States should be treated on an equal footing, with no double standards in the monitoring of the application of the EU law. I did not support the new mechanism for monitoring respect for fundamental rights in Member States proposed in the report, because I think that the Commission, as guardian of the Treaties, should be the institution responsible for assessing breaches in EU law. I agree, nevertheless, that procedures could be more effective when it comes to violations of fundamental rights in Member States. This Parliament can play an important role in bringing the right pressure to bear, but it should not become the judge itself."@sv2

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