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"I strongly support this report because the situation in Hungary has deteriorated beyond all expectations and I believe that we have a responsibility to react to this situation. The Hungarian Constitution has been amended four times in the last 15 months. The latest in particular, the ‘Fourth Amendment to the Fundamental Law’, undermines the rule of law, the protection of human rights and the stability of the Constitution. I consider that any attempt to scorn or weaken the EU’s common values affects the whole process of European economic, social and political integration. Furthermore, the new Hungarian Constitution is weakening the EU’s credibility in its external action. For these reasons, with this text we clearly ask Hungary to realign itself with European principles of democracy and rule of law. Specifically, we call on the Hungarian Government to remove from the Constitution those provisions already declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court and to ensure the widest possible participation of all parliamentary parties in the constitutional process."@it2

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